[syslinux] DELL E6510 pxelinux issues

Philipp Hahn hahn at univention.de
Wed Aug 27 09:21:44 PDT 2014

Hello Ady,

On 27.08.2014 16:46, Ady wrote:
>> On 01.08.2014 19:22, Ady wrote:>> On 24.07.2014 17:32, Gene Cumm wrote:
>>>>> On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 10:29 AM, Philipp Hahn <hahn at univention.de>
>> wrote:
>>>>>> On 24.07.2014 13:52, Gene Cumm wrote:
>> ...
>>>>>> Your special build gets the gateway working, but the downloaded InitRD
>>>>>> still gets corrupted sometimes. Boot-time is down from 16m to ~2m.
>> ...
>>> Syslinux 6.03-pre19 is out. Since several prior versions were tested
>>> in this same hardware with different results, it could be very useful
>>> to repeat the tests with 6.03-pre19 too, which includes some patches
>>> for (l)pxelinux.
>>> Feedback is appreciated.
>> lpxelinux from 6.03-pre20 works for my DELL E6510.
> @Philipp, By any chance, have you tested 6.03-pre19 too? Is there any 
> difference (regression, performance, etc.) between 6.03-pre19 and 
> 6.03-pre20 in this particular hardware?

I didn't notice any difference between pre19 and pre20: lpxelinux.0
works with http://, but pxelinux.0 still fails for tftp://.


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