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This could be another Bill Cunningham, but he's got the tell-tale signs of
being the Bill Cunningham I became familiar with in comp.lang.c.  If it's
the same person, here's a tip: Don't expend any effort!  If I'm wrong, then
d'oh!  - Shao

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On 8/27/2014 18:05, Bill Cunningham wrote:
>     I have just jined this list. I can't seem to boot from a USB and my
> recognizes my sandisk USB by name. I can't figure out what modules to use.
> mbr.bin and parted is one method. Then syslinux is run and a
> syslinux.cfg is
> needed. Is this sufficent for syslinux?
> LINUX bzImage //kernel image
> INITRD initrd // initial ramdisk to boot a small liinux system on a USB.

Bill!  It's been a while!


- Shao Miller

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