[syslinux] Cannot chain to another PXE server on the same subnet

Vieri rentorbuy at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 5 10:52:07 PST 2014

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From: H. Peter Anvin <hpa at zytor.com>

> Option 69 is "SMTP server" which really doesn't make any sense...

You're right but that's what it says in the admin console. However, I searched the web for some screenshots of other users and found out that my Altiris installation probably has a typo/bug. Instead of 'option 69' it should be saying 'option 60' which is 'Vendor class identifier'.
Please have a look at this:
My system has 'DHCP Server discovery' set to 'Auto detect MS DHCP server and configure for PXE'.
I'm not running any MS DHCPD, just ISC DHCPD on Linux. So I'm not sure if I should set this to the 3rd option 'No DHCP server installed on PXE server' because of the '(Use DHCP port)' comment that I don't fully understand.


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