[syslinux] Very slow download with pxelinux > 4.07 on specific hardware

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 11 07:27:24 PDT 2014

> Le 11/03/2014 10:32, Eric PEYREMORTE a écrit :
> Some news here. I didn't test with 5.01 yet (didn't see that one sorry). 
> With 5.01 i don't have any problem. Problems begin with 5.10.
> -- 
Hello Eric:

To sum up your report:
_ 4.0x works;
_ 4.10-pre22 (lwip branch) works;
_ 5.01 (elflink branch) works;
_ 5.10 (lwip merge into elflink) fails;

I wonder if testing 6.03-pre5 (which is *not* the latest) pre-built 
binaries (look under the bios/ directory) would work OK for you.

If you happen to test it, please remember to use the pre-built 
binaries already included in the official archive (as oppose to 
rebuilding them, which could introduce undesirable interactions), and 
to use all c32 files from the same 6.03-pre5 version (instead of 
mixing files from different versions), specially including 
ldlinux.c32, all lib*.c32 and all the rest of c32 modules (from the 
same archive from which you take pxelinux.0, under some subdiretory 
under "bios/").


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