[syslinux] Changing the Reply-To: option for the list

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 14 12:35:38 PDT 2014

> Hi all,
> A few years ago, at popular request, I changed the default of the list
> to have a Reply-To: pointing at the list.  I personally find it very
> annoying, and I would like to change the default back.
> Would people object to trying it?
> 	-hpa
Hi Peter,

My assumption is that having a specific and adequate "reply-to" field 
reduces the chances of accidentally replying to the original senders 
(as oppose to sending the reply to the distribution list).

For "frequent repliers" of this mailing list, the possibility of 
replying to an original sender (instead of replying to the list) 
might happen by mistake.

Newcomers (or people more used to popular and newer "social media" 
than to "good old plain mailing lists"), by not having an adequate 
"reply-to" field could, inadvertently, send replies to personal 
addresses of other members of the list, instead of replying to the 
list itself.

I am not sure how the reply-to field is annoying, but I guess it 
depends on the particular email client and on how each one manages 

To be clear, I don't object to trying this change. I just fear of the 
aforementioned potential consequences.


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