[syslinux] unable to make USB-ZIP using rufus_v1.4.5

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 16 02:19:51 PDT 2014

> Hello Sir,
> Following are the settings I used,
> Device: NO _Label (O:)
> Partition scheme and target system type: MBR partition scheme for BIOS
> or UEFI computers
> File System: FAT32
> Cluster size: 4096 bytes (Default)
> New Volume label:
> (i)Quick format
> (ii)Create bootable disk using: MS-DOS
> (iii)Create extended label and icon files
> Format Options > Advanced Options:
>  (i)List USB Hard Drives
>  (ii)Add fixes for old BIOSes (extra partition, align, etc)
>  (iii)Use Rufus MBR with BIOS ID 0x80 ( Default)
> On Restart Boots into  WinXP ,(My OS) without any message.
> Thanks in advance,
> Prof S W Damle
I don't know whether Pete Batard (RUFUS' developer) have read your 

A natural question would be: Were you able to use the same settings 
before, with a prior version of RUFUS, achieving the expected result?

If you were using a prior version of RUFUS with different settings, 
have you tried those settings with the new version? Have you tried 
those settings again with the older version?

Were you using the same data (e.g. ISO image) as source for your USB 
storage device?

Were you using the same BIOS settings before? For instance, while 
using the older version of RUFUS, were you selecting the same USB-ZIP 
as boot device in your BIOS? Have you tried other options?

In other words, if you were able to use RUFUS before and to achieve 
your goal, then what exactly changed? Just RUFUS' version?


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