[syslinux] Some patches from mageia

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 1 15:28:04 PST 2015

> Hi folks,
> As per Ady request (thanks for the reminder), I forgot to send the patches
> I run in Mageia.
> There is two of them :
> One is making errors in parsing modules.alias not fatal.
> The other one is adding an option to chain to avoid reading garbage on the
> command line.
> I had some issues with gfxboot and had to implement that. I know it's a
> workaround, I don't really get if that's useful for others. You can forget
> it if you consider it as too weird.
> You can get the two commits from my mageia_fixes branch here :
> https://github.com/ErwanAliasr1/syslinux/tree/mageia-fixes
> It's currently rebased on the current master.
> Cheers,
> Erwan
@Erwan, Thank you.


Considering that "master" moves...

Suggested Patch #1:

com32: Handle broken modules.alias 


Suggested Patch #2 / workaround hack:

Considering that gfxboot keeps its own (active) development independently of 
Syslinux's, I hope Michal Soltys and perhaps also Steffen Winterfeldt will comment on 
this "quick hack". There might be other / better ways(?); for instance, that 
gfxboot.c32 would improve support for additional c32 modules such as chain.c32, 
instead of making "quick hacks" to each individual c32 module as workarounds.

com32: Adding 'exit' entry in chain.c32
 (as a workaround for gfxboot compatibility)


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