[syslinux] hello world

Ray Andrews rayandrews at eastlink.ca
Sun Feb 1 12:22:58 PST 2015

On 02/01/2015 10:27 AM, Ady via Syslinux wrote:
> FWIW (this info can be found elsewhere too): _ "SYSLINUX" refers the  
> install the bootloader files on the adequate boot area (see ...

Ok thanks, this also would be good information 'up front'.  I can only 
comment on how it could be better for a beginner, not in what is 
actually available if you know where to look.

> http://www.syslinux.org/wiki/index.php/Install ). 

I never found that before, I see it's linked under 'Permanent link' 
which isn't much of a clue.
>> The "active" partition is a part of how a (MBR) partition table
>> (usually) works together with the MBR's boot code. There is (enough)
>> information about such issues in the official Syslinux wiki and
>> elsewhere (Distros' wiki pages, wikipedia, blogs, forums...). The
>> Syslinux wiki also includes information about several alternative boot
>> code for the MBR.

Sure. It's just that on HHD LILO doesn't need it at all so I forgot all 
about it. As I said, perhaps there could be a warning, just for guys 
like me who forgot. Or maybe we should just wake up ;-)
>> The Simple Menu System is not an exclusive part of the EXTLINUX
>> bootloader (or exclusive to any one Syslinux variant), so it would not
>> be the adequate place for such info. Internal links, wiki categories
>> and the "search" feature in the official Syslinux wiki are available,
>> together with official documentation published in several formats (the
>> latter is not always up-to-date).

Ok, but surely one sentence to tell us to include 'libutil.c32'? Or some
link to more information? I had no idea this was something external.
> Syslinux configuration is based on LABELs, so there is a slight
> difference when comparing to LILO.

Yes, the double meaning of the word is confusing with LILO too.
> Please keep in mind that as of version 6.03, SYSLINUX can only find
> files (e.g. kernel, initrd...) located in the same volume where the
> bootloader is installed.

Yes, LILO is more powerful in that department.
> There are more than 100 pages in the wiki, in addition to the official
> documents included in the official archives (in kernel.org).

And thanks for the extra links.  I will read it all eventually.

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