[syslinux] Unable to PXE boot (on new setup)

Geert Stappers stappers at stappers.nl
Thu Feb 5 14:06:36 PST 2015

On Thu, Feb 05, 2015 at 02:27:57PM -0600, Lane via Syslinux wrote:
> When trying to boot, the 1950 node displays (though both diskless types
> having same issue):
> ---
> CLIENT MAC ADDR: 00 13 72 F9 54 41 GUID: 44454C4C 4A00 104D 8058
> B4C04F534231
> PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout
> PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout
> PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout
> PXE-M0F: Exiting Broadcom PXE ROM.
> strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility
> ---
> I also have a pcap log for tftp if interested.

I am   :-)

Put the libpcap file somewhere on-line and post the URL.
(either to the mailinglist(preferred) or to me private)

> The current setup I had no
> issues getting working w/ PXE, but w/ this new master node, haven't been
> able to see why its not working.
> Any help much appreciated.

What is in the logging of the TFTP server?

Geert Stappers
Leven en laten leven

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