[syslinux] pxelinux 6.03 EFI using proxy DHCP

Jan F. Jakobsen - IXP Data jfj at ixpdata.com
Thu Feb 19 12:35:27 PST 2015

pxelinux 6.03 EFI using proxy DHCP

It seems that there is a problem with syslinux.efi for 32 and 64-bit when using proxy DHCP server to supply the boot server and boot file name when PXE booting.

The screen output is:
Getting cached packet
My IP is
And then it ‘hangs’

The tftp log shows that syslinux.efi is downloaded, but ldlinux.e64 / ldlinux.e32 is never requested.

A Wireshark trace confirms that DHCP and proxy DHCP are behaving correctly and syslinux.efi is tftp downloaded, but never request more data over tftp.

We are using Lenovo T430 and HP ElitePad 900 for testing EFI x64 and EFI x32.

Syslinux 6.00, 6.01, 6.02 and 6.03 all have this problem.

Stopping the proxy DHCP and hard setting DHCP ‘next server’, option 66 (boot server) and 67 (boot file name), then everything works fine.

We want to use proxy DHCP to be able to dynamically PXE boot both legacy bios and efi clients, without ever having to modify the DHCP server on all our small offices where DHCP server is integrated in the router. (Routers are own and maintained by our ISP provider).

Using same proxy DHCP setup, and booting in legacy bios mode (pxelinux.0 / ldlinux.c32) it works fine.
Using same proxy DHCP setup, but a different efi boot loader e.g. grub2 it works perfectly.

We want to use pxelinux do to the rich menu formatting 

Any suggestions?
Or is this a feature request for the next version of syslinux?


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