[syslinux] DMARC test (request)

Patrick Masotta masottaus at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 18 08:11:34 PST 2015

>  As per
> prior discussions, the "From:" field should remain
> with the 
> original sender. One (important)
> reason is that frequent participants 
> in the
> Syslinux Mailing List tend to use the "From:"
> field, for 
> instance as search filter.

Well I consider the search filter by subject is a much better approach,
for participating on a conversation.
>From a security point of view the logic says that the sender of an e-mail
should not use other than its own e-address as sender; it is logic
people out there (yahoo) not liking a service (list) that impersonates someone else. 

> Changing the behavior of the "Reply-To:" 
> field might or might not improve the current
> situation.
If the list sends a properly crafted e-mail coming from its own address and domain
why do you think would be a problem?
> The problem (not
> only for this mailing list) is based on a change in 
> Yahoo!'s policy, since around April 2014
> (or so). This change has 
> specially affected
> mailing lists. Although some email providers are 
> "better" dealing with Yahoo!'s
> change, others have chosen to do nothing...

We should stop for a sec and think if what yahoo did was good or not to fight
spammers; I think it was good. A list that impersonates a sender is not a good approach.
> There is no easy solution.
> Even if some Yahoo! users avoid using it for 
> mailing lists, there is always the chance
> someone might still use it 
> (now or in the
> future), so, like it or not, it is up to Mailman and 
> List Administrators to help solve/workaround
> the problem.

Sure; I think we should adapt to this new situation.

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