[syslinux] Problem boot PXE UEFI on HP ML350 Gen9

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 5 15:58:27 PST 2015

> Hi All,
>     My PXE configurations works fine for a bios PXE (the server in legacy
> mode) but hangs in an EUFI mode. Look like  it can transfer the bootx64.efi
> but not the next one ldlinux.e64
>   Any ideas?
> Thanks
Latest updates (including firmware) for the HP ML350 Gen9 were released 
on 2014DEC19 (v1.21); I would suggest double-checking that you are 
using the latest (firmware and related tools) version, before starting 
any other troubleshooting procedures.

Have you tested with official upstream binaries already included in the 
official archives downloaded from kernel.org (not from some particular 
build / 'make', neither from some (Linux) distro packages)? Please be 
sure to test with the latest version from kernel.org (v6.03 stable 
release, ATM).

Please remember not to mix versions. The version of the ldlinux 
module(s) shall match the same exact version of the bootloader.

BTW, there was a report here during 2015FEB about problems with one Hp 
DL380p Gen9 server. In that case, a specific filter for a pcap report 
was suggested. Unfortunately, there is/was no feedback in this Syslinux 
Mailing List about a possible resolution following that pcap report.


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