[syslinux] Problems PXE booting syslinux.efi on HP EliteBook 2560p / 8460p

Patrick Masotta masottaus at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 12 07:55:36 PDT 2015

> Not being able to boot should probably qualify
> as good reason for HP to  update the
> firmware, IMHO.
I agree but considering the problem appears when 
PXE booting an EFI image requiring the Binding Services
of the NIC well I'm not really sure if they would pay any attention.
BTW the same failing hardware has not problem booting
MS bootmgr.efi but analyzing its code I see bootmgr.efi
performs the TFTP transfers not relying on Binding Services
(probably using some PXE TFTP service)
> Is it
> possible that the reported network boot behavior is
> different between cold-boot and warm-boot?
Exactly the same behavior.
Please consider the environment never crashes,
syslinux.efi just bails because it cannot continue w/o the Binding Services, 
it properly returns control to HP firmware which displays a proper message 
of a failing booting image.

> At any rate, and
> considering several reports about different HP 
> hardware failing to boot syslinux.efi, I would
> tend to think that contacting HP and
> requesting an updated firmware release could be 
> helpful.
I agree that this looks like an HP problem.
I'm holding my doubts on HP willingness to fix this.
> there are (recent) patches in gnu-efi that were originated
> by developers somewhat related to (or
> working for) HP. This might be another hint
> to both, using an updated gnu-efi submodule and/or needing
> an updated firmware from HP for these failing systems.
I'm going to take a look at this point

> Let's see what kind of info or tests the
> Syslinux's devs. would need for
> troubleshooting the particular hardware.
Trust me; in this case they won't need pcap files.
> I would
> guess that CSM mode is actually verified to be set to
> "off" 
> (i.e. UEFI mode), among
> others ("secure boot", "fast boot",
> "whichever 
> fancy name" boot...).
> Sometimes some minor setting that was overlooked 
> can be the cause of wasting hours of
> troubleshooting.
I'm booting "plain and simple" UEFI mode

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