[syslinux] Fail to set up UEFI syslinux on ArchLinux USB Flash Drive

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 15 13:23:26 PDT 2015

> Trying to set up UEFI Syslinux boot on an ArchLinux USB 4GB stick.
> In BIOS, select ArchLinux entry
Just a minor detail (but it helps for understanding each other)... You 
probably mean "in UEFI firmware", not "in BIOS". And yet, this is still 
not clear (at least, not to me).
> Blank screen.
> WARNING: No configuration file found

You probably should double-check that you actually have a 
"syslinux.cfg" in the same directory where your "syslinux.efi" file is 
located. I would suggest also checking for typos.
> boot: syslinux.cfg
> Failed to load COM32 file syslinux.cfg.c32
> boot: syslinux
> Undefined symbol FAIL: lua_pushlightuserdata
> Failed Failed to load COM32 file syslinux.c32
> boot:
> etc., etc ...
Those are not accepted commands, so you cannot expect adequate results.

Perhaps you might want to start a forum topic in ArchLinux.
> Please comment and help,
> Thanks
> -- Alex
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