[syslinux] Problems PXE booting syslinux.efi on HP EliteBook 2560p / 8460p

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 15 13:23:26 PDT 2015

> > Not being able to boot should probably qualify
> > as good reason for HP to  update the
> > firmware, IMHO.
> >
> I agree but considering the problem appears when 
> PXE booting an EFI image requiring the Binding Services
> of the NIC well I'm not really sure if they would pay any attention.
> BTW the same failing hardware has not problem booting
> MS bootmgr.efi but analyzing its code I see bootmgr.efi
> performs the TFTP transfers not relying on Binding Services
> (probably using some PXE TFTP service)
When looking for updates for these particular HP EliteBook systems, 
users must choose an OS before being presented with available updates, 
even when the update is not supposed to be dependent on a particular 
OS, such as firmware. The opposite though, could potentially be a valid 
concern: updating to a newer firmware version while the (current) OS 
might not be able to boot (e.g. having Windows XP already installed 
while updating to a UEFI firmware version without CSM).

Under this procedure, when users select "Windows 8.1 64-bits", the 
latest UEFI firmware version at this time is "F50" (year 2014), but 
when selecting "Linux" as OS, then the respective latest version 
available is "F21" (year 2011). Additionally, going back to a prior 
firmware version is not possible (or at least not supported).

My guess is that HP is not testing the newer firmware versions with 
anything but Windows' bootmgr.efi.

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