[syslinux] error code 1 while using syslinux

Amardeep Verma addverma at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 26 21:23:51 PDT 2015

      I tried the command with the option "-maif <driveLetter>" and I got the error message "Could not write the whole boot sector"

       I am using standard Windows XP SP3 32 bit which came pre installed with my laptop. I am not using the BartPE or LiveXP or any such light or variant of windows XP.

     The syslinux that I am using came as part of programs like Linux live USB or Unetbootin. I have not downloaded syslinux from kernel.org.

      I am running syslinux command with administrative privileges. The process I follow is as follows
1) Log into windows XP with a normal, non administrative user.
2) open a command window, by using the command cmd.exe.
3) in the command window give the following command
           runas /user:%computername%\admin "cmd.exe"
     Over here "admin" is a administrative user with administrative privileges. This command opens up a new command window.
4) in the new command window opened up in step 3, give the command "syslinux4 -maif g:", "syslinux5 -maif g:", "syslinux6 -maif g:"
        This results in the error "Could not write the whole boot sector"

I have not tried the auxiliary tools which you have mentioned. I will try them and update this thread.

I have checked in MS Process explorer, there is no application or program or executable which is using the USB flash drive/stick. I have no explorer window opened when I try to run the syslinux command.

       Apart from trying out the auxiliary tools is there something else which I can do to resolve this issue? Most of the GNU or Linux commands have a -verbose or logging option, I could not find any such option with syslinux. Is there some way to get this ability? So that we come to know what can be the issue?

Have a nice day

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