[syslinux] Isohybrid wiki page and UEFI

Bruno Cornec Bruno.Cornec at hp.com
Thu Oct 22 10:56:44 PDT 2015


Ady via Syslinux said on Mon, Apr 06, 2015 at 09:57:02PM +0300:
>Can 'syslinux.efi' v.6.03 boot some media formatted with ISO9660?
> Not at this time, no.

It took me quite some time to find that :-( Google didn't really help.

I'd like to get a bit more details on this issue:

1/ Using syslinux.efi for PXE booting of a UEFI server is working for
2/ Using syslinux.efi for booting from the local HDD of a UEFI server is
   working for me.

3/ Using syslinux.efi in a FAT32 image (similar to the previous 2
   confs) stored on a iso9660 media by genisoimage and its
   -eltorito-alt-boot -efi-boot $imagefile -no-emul-boot option doesn't
   work. I get a red screen with debug info (attached). However, I'm not
   trying to access anything outside of the FAT32 FS. I thought it
   wouldn't be related to iso9660 in that use case. (I use wirtual media
   method mounted via iLO URL CD feature if that matters)

So my question is (and sorry I started last week on that issue, read
lots of wiki page without finding an answer, but I may have missed it
and welcome links):

is there a way, using syslinux.efi to embed it on an ISO iso9660
formatted image in its boot part and have a successful boot of my
machine ? 
I read that iso9660 support could be added to syslinux.efi for that, but
I really have no clue where to start from, and even before trying what
may be way outside of my capabilities, I'd alredy like to know if that
what is really needed.

Context: I do that in order to add UEFI support to the MondoRescue
Disaster Recovery project I'm leading (http://www.mondorescue.org). I
used grub 0.99 for the RHEL6 support, but don't want to mess with that
especially as I already have procedures to generate
syslinux/isolinux/pxelinux conf files in the tool.

Thanks in advance for any hint
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