[syslinux] Changes to get CD to boot on EFI System.

Jernej Simončič jernej.listsonly at ena.si
Mon Apr 4 14:09:00 PDT 2016

On Monday, April 4, 2016, 22:01:32, Thomas Schmitt via Syslinux wrote:

> Jernej Simončič wrote:
>> As long as you have cygwin with development tools installed, it's just
>> ./configure && make.
> autotools magic. I myself have few clue of contemporary MS-Windows.

Well, cygwin is just barely Windows :)

>> https://eternallybored.org/misc/xorriso/xorriso-1.4.2-cygwin32.zip

> Options -b and -e want the image file path in the ISO, not on hard disk.
> I assume that "CD\isolinux\boot.bin" will show up as "/isolinux/boot.bin".
> Please adjust to "/cd/isolinux/boot.bin" if i am wrong.

I'll use isolinux.bin directly - oscdimg complained that it's too
large, so I just dded the first 2048 bytes to boot.bin to get it to
shut up.

> Option -a might be similar to xorriso command -find ... -exec report_lba.

-a is just because I'm curious - doesn't make a difference.

> Option -m is a bit obscure to me. ISO 9660 max size is 2 exp 43 = 8 TiB.

This one isn't actually necessary with my test, since the resulting
ISO is small enough, but IIRC, without it oscdimg won't make ISOs
larger than 700MB.

> Option -o looks like an interesting feature.

It's very useful when you have duplicate files.

> I wonder how oscdimg.exe knows that it has to apply boot-info-table
> patching to the boot.bin file.

Probably doesn't - the resulting ISO doesn't boot in BIOS mode in
VMWare (isolinux reports Image checksum error). In EFI mode both
xorriso and osdcimg-produced ISO fail the same way - "Virtual machine
encountered unhandled exception in firmware".

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