[syslinux] Syslinux multifs support

Tal Lubko tallubko at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 7 10:28:25 PDT 2016

Hello Everyone


Sometime ago there was some discussion about Syslinux multifs support.

I've tested it for some time using qemu and it seems to be working.

Lately I've started testing it with my real hardware and for some reason it
doesn't work.


I don't really know how to debug Syslinux (aside from using printf), so what
I've succeeded to discover with is that the function multifs_get_fs iterates
over the parts_info list and disk 0 (the disk I try to load kernel from)
first partition index is (-1).

I think parts_info isn't initialized it properly.


So I have few questions to the mailing list:

- Has someone tested the multifs feature on some real hardware?

- Is there a way to debug it? I guess some debugging was needed during
Syslinux development.

- I think that I have some early stage prints missing (maybe before
something is initialized). What is the thing that is enabled which allows
printf? Is there another way to print during early stages?





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