[syslinux] Creating Syslinux UEFI usb boot

Atle Holm atle at team-holm.net
Mon Apr 18 02:40:25 PDT 2016

I am looking for guides on how to create syslinux uefi bootable usb.
A syslinux bootable usb is created already with vesamenu and luascripting.
Want to set up the same thing to be UEFI compatible.

In this case I am booting an vmware esxi installer. /EFI/boot on the vmware ISO has the files BOOTX64.EFI and BOOTIA32.EFI that can be used on the usb. But these always go directly to boot.cfg, syslinux.cfg is never read and thus my boot menu is never shown, an I never get to use the lua scripting.

I guess syslinux has these efi files somewhere, but on Centos7 I have not found them even when I did install the syslinux package.

The general recipe that I have found is the following:
- A "EFI/boot" folder for EFI boot, installed manually:
- Copy all *.c32 objects from "/usr/lib/syslinux/efi64/"
- Copy "syslinux.efi" to "bootx64.efi" in same folder as above
- Edit "syslinux.cfg" in "EFI/boot"

But as stated, can't find syslinux.efi
Best regards

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