[syslinux] lua.c32 : run_command() does not work if ALLOWOPTIONS from menu is set to 0

Pedro Koschi ped.koschi at gmail.com
Sat Dec 24 06:06:04 PST 2016

sorry , I didn't tell you that I'm using newest pxelinux from git

Am 24.12.2016 15:02 schrieb "Pedro Koschi" <ped.koschi at gmail.com>:

> Good day,
> If I set allowoptions to 0 to hide editing menu entries and then select to
> run lua.c32 from menu , run_command() from inside the script it seems to
> invoke kernel/com32 modules without any parameter. For example pxechn.c32
> will never be happy no matter what the command line is. But if you set
> allowoptions to 1 everything starts to work as expected, except the menu
> itself.

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