[syslinux] binutils (objcopy?) >= 2.26 breaks syslinux (bios) build

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 13 01:01:26 PST 2016

> > Yes, it is a bug in ld.  I have been working with H.J. and we have just tracked it down.
> > 
> It seems that hjl helped, after all.
> Syslinux built, or better to write, linked with:
> binutils git 95c00d1 is salt-n-pepa.
> Both, ISOLINUX and EXTLINUX have passed the test on both, SeaBIOS and Bare-metal.
> Thanks hpa.
This means that Fedora would need to (or "should") patch its binutils 
2.26 package, at least until a new upstream binutils is released.

Considering that a Mass Rebuild was already performed for F24, then an 
updated, patched binutils would probably generate new, working 
Syslinux-related packages. Otherwise, these packages for/in F24 will be 
probably failing.

I would guess that Slackware _might_ find itself in some similar 
circumstances (especially so close to a new stable release).

Now, Ubuntu and Debian (unstable / testing / experimental / Sid) might 
find similar problems with binutils 2.26 and Syslinux-related packages, 
but both distros already have more-than-enough troubles / confusion / 
misinformation and lack of maintenance regarding their respective 
Syslinux-related packages. This would be just another one.

Some downstream distros might be affected in similar ways.

As for Gentoo and Arch Linux, neither is using version 2.26 of binutils 


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