[syslinux] Anyone know whats up with wiki?

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 26 04:37:58 PST 2016

> Anyway, Wiki is operational, but Dear List: Please report surprises.
1_ At the bottom-center, of each wiki page, there used to be a:
 "This page has been accessed 'N' times."

message, in which 'N' was a number that (I think) comes from setting:

$wgDisableCounters = true;

Additionally, there used to be a "Special:PopularPages" page, available 
as an item at:

Special Pages -> Data and Tools -> (Wiki) Popular Pages

These two seem to be separate features in the wiki, but of course they 
are related.

2_ Additional links that are not in the Special Pages wiki page anymore 
(and they used to be):

_ Special Pages -> Lists of pages -> Pages linking to disambiguation 

   ( Special:Disambiguations )

_ Special Pages -> Media reports and uploads -> File path

   ( Special:ListFiles )

_ Special Pages -> High use pages -> Most linked-to templates

   ( Special:MostLinkedTemplates )

3_ Additionally, the current layout of the Special Pages wiki page 
seems to be one column of links (under each section / subtitle of the 
page). The layout for this page used to be a list of links (under each 
section) distributed in two columns (not one).

This is not critical, but perhaps there are other layouts that used to 
be different and that now might have some impact on readers, browsers, 
the presentation of certain wiki pages and so on. So, it would be nice 
to have a similar layout as it used to be (not just in the Special 
Pages wiki page, but any other that might have been in use in other 
pages; I wish I knew more details).

This is what I have found for now. I hope that these comments might 
help fully reconstruct the wiki.


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