[syslinux] [PATCH] : Adding dlabel option to chain.c32

poma pomidorabelisima at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 09:11:37 PDT 2016

On 30.06.2016 19:41, Erwan Velu via Syslinux wrote:
> The exisiting label= option offer to boot on a gpt partition that have
> a particular label.

According to official documentation, 'label' does not refer solely to the GPT
- 'label' will select a partition by a label (searching is done in
  disk order)

Neither the 'label' applies to partition, but refers to a *filesystem* label

> The existing guuid= option offer to boot on a disk or partition with a
> particular label.

'guuid' option does not exist, but 'guid' does
- 'guid' will select a drive by its guid (GPT only).
- 'guid' option will select a partition by a guid (not a type guid !)

> This new option offer to boot the disk that have a partition which
> have a given label.
> The label is so just a way to detect a disk to boot.
> A typical use is for making an intelligent localboot like :
>     label localboot
>         com32 chain.c32
>         append dlabel=datapartition
> This allow booting on a disk that sports a least one partition
> labelled "datapartition".
> You can consider dlabel= doing almost what mbr= does but by inspecting
> the gpt partitions label.

Are you actually referring to GPT *name* of a partition,
instead of filesystem *label*?

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