[syslinux] Making a 6.04

poma pomidorabelisima at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 09:40:30 PDT 2016

On 18.07.2016 12:29, Gene Cumm wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 18, 2016 at 4:57 AM, poma via Syslinux <syslinux at zytor.com> wrote:
>> On 01.06.2016 00:28, H. Peter Anvin via Syslinux wrote:
>>> There seem to be a bunch of bug fixes in the 6.04 branch that people
>>> really need.  Do we know of any current regressions?  Otherwise we
>>> really ought to just push the button...
>>>       -hpa
>> http://git.zytor.com/syslinux/syslinux.git/commit/?id=9acbffd
>> breaks EFI and BIOS boot
>> http://bugzilla.syslinux.org/show_bug.cgi?id=71
> In this message, you forgot to specify that you were using bleeding
> edge versions of build tools (however it was in your bug message).

In this message, -you- forgot to specify that you are holding this breakage over two months,
yet you are eager to release!?

I mean, R.E.A.L.L.Y.

Besides, I use Fedora, and Fedora is no more bleeding edge.
Fedora is about Freedom, Friends, Features and First.

Choose Freedom. Choose Fedora.

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