[syslinux] [PATCH] : Adding dlabel option to chain.c32

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 30 14:19:20 PDT 2016

If I may, I would like to suggest some possible rewording (perhaps 
adding some clarity, simplifying and solving some typos, I hope).

BTW, any suggestions for an alternative name for this option, instead 
of "dlabel"?
> The exisiting label= option offer to boot on a gpt partition that have
> a particular label.
> The existing guuid= option offer to boot on a disk or partition with a
> particular label.
The existing "label:" and "guid:" options select a specified partition 
and jump to it.
> This new option offer to boot the disk that have a partition which
> have a given label.
> The label is so just a way to detect a disk to boot.
The "dlabel" option searches in disks for a partition with the 
specified label, and jumps to the first _disk_ that matches the search.

The specified partition might not be related to the boot process; its 
label is just used for the detection / selection of the disk.
> A typical use is for making an intelligent localboot like :
A possible use case is for making a localboot like:
>     label localboot
>         com32 chain.c32
>         append dlabel=datapartition
> This allow booting on a disk that sports a least one partition
> labelled "datapartition".
This option allows booting a disk that contains at least one partition 
labeled "datapartition".
> You can consider dlabel= doing almost what mbr= does but by inspecting
> the gpt partitions label.
The "dlabel:" option can be considered as doing almost what the "mbr:" 
option does, but by searching for a specified label in the GPT 
> Please find below the commit :
> https://github.com/ErwanAliasr1/syslinux/commit/ebf8cbfb8cef49517aa36b4a79998b4332289489
Additional suggestions for the text in the commit itself, with some 
spelling corrections and matching the wording used in the above 

> 147 + * Search for a specific drive whic have a partition with a 
given GPT label.
147 + * Search for a disk having a partition with a specified GPT 

> 339 +	    error("No disk label specified.");
Since I am not a developer, I am not sure about this one. Where is the 
_disk_ label specified when we are talking about this "dlabel" option? 
Aren't we talking about labels of _partitions_?

The same question would go for the line (with some line-formatting 
inaccuracy just in this email, which we should be ignoring here):

343 +	    error("Unable to find requested GPT partition by disk 
I'd like to repeat my first question: any suggestions for an 
alternative name for this option, instead of "dlabel"?


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