[syslinux] Boot prompt ignored

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Fri May 27 09:22:51 PDT 2016

> I also sent (off-list) a bootable floppy image to GeneC, using binaries 
> from Fedora 24, package version "6.03-6" (coincidentally), and a simple 
> syslinux.cfg, replicating the behavior.
Testing with:
_ 6.03-8.fc24 : still the same unwanted behavior as 6.03-6.fc24;
_ 6.04-0.1.fc25: works correctly (regarding this matter).

I still think that distributions using 6.03+ should be able to get help 
about this issue from The Syslinux Project.

Unfortunately, there have been no useful comment / explanation / tip / 
clue from developers about how to solve it with practical steps.


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