[syslinux] pxelinux.0 not fully booting in EFI 64 mode...not requesting ldlinux.e64 via TFTP...

Terry Hardie thardie at instartlogic.com
Tue Oct 4 14:48:50 PDT 2016

I know this is an old thread, but since I ran into this problem and spun my
wheels on it for a few hours, I want to point out something subtle in this
thread I missed:

You must use the pre-compiled binaries in the tarball for this to work.

I downloaded the tarball for syslinux 6.03 release and also tried 6.04-pre
and 6.03-pre7, and did a make, and the resulting EFI binary still exhibited
the same TFTP issue. Using the EFI binary from the tarball solved the issue
for me. Not sure what's wrong with the compile...

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