[syslinux] Enumeration of ISA serial ports inconsistent between Linux and Syslinux

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 9 08:16:52 PDT 2016

> I don't want to stir up any complicated discussion about who is right 
> and who is wrong, but as a user I would prefer the behavior to be 
> consistent between all OSes and bootloaders.
> Best regards,
> Oliver

Unfortunately, there is no such a thing as "consistency between all 
OSes and bootloaders".

Changing a (default) behavior that has been in use for so long in 
Syslinux would mean - if I understood correctly this discussion / 
proposal - breaking backward compatibility in at least some cases. I 
don't like breaking backward compatibility, unless there is a very good 

Considering that there is at least one alternative (i.e. using the I/O 
address), and that most PC-compatible computers use the classic 
"default" order / relations between serial ports and I/O addresses, I 
currently don't see this situation / reason to be "good enough" so as 
to change the default behavior in Syslinux.

Again, IMHO and FWIW.

As a side note, please remember that, in _some_ versions of Syslinux, 
some hex values are not parsed correctly by the SERIAL directive. As 
suggested in the Syslinux wiki, the workaround is to use the equivalent 
decimal values, which should be parsed correctly.

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