[syslinux] [PATCH] Fix for crash with certain EFIs

Jur van der Burg jur at digiater.nl
Wed Oct 19 03:08:32 PDT 2016

>Have you tried 6.04-pre1 or later? With pre-built binaries?
>Would you please clarify? Are you saying that 6.04-pre1 is failing too, 
>but building 6.03 with this proposed patch is working correctly?

I should have been clear about which version I used.

I modified 6.03 and built with -mno-red-zone and that seems to fix the
I also tried 6.04-pre1 with the pre-built binaries and I did not see an
issue with that either.

I think everything in syslinux should build with -mno-red-zone as it is a
performance optimization that you will never notice in this environment, but
present may cause serious issues.


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