[syslinux] cmenu.c32 Symbol not found luaL_checklstring

Reinier Kleipool reinier at opensourceacademy.eu
Thu Aug 24 02:00:53 PDT 2017

Hello everyone,

   I am trying to PXE boot my Acer Aspire G3-773G laptop. It uses UEFI, 
so I load 64bit syslinux.efi (v6.03) and it automatically loads 
ldlinux.e64. All is fine.
But when I want to use cmenu.c32 (with UI cmenu.c32 in the config file), 
the loader downloads:
   * cmenu.c32
   * libmenu.c32
   * libcom32.c32
   * libutil.c32
Then syslinux reports: "unable to load cmenu.c32: symbol not found 
This sysbol is defined in liblua.c32, that is present in the TFTP 
directory. The TFTP log file however does not show any attempt to load 
this library....

How to fix this???

syslinux.efi:   6.03 (EFI; 20151222)

Kind regards,
Reinier Kleipool

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