[syslinux] cmenu.c32 Symbol not found luaL_checklstring

Reinier Kleipool reinier at opensourceacademy.eu
Mon Aug 28 04:19:53 PDT 2017

Thanks Ferenc! This is the answer. A nice menu is shown now I use 
menu.c32. I save a lua menu for later, menu.c32 works just fine for now. 
The documentation may be a little confusing on the site...

Kind regards,

Reinier Kleipool

On 28-08-17 10:11, Ferenc Wágner wrote:
> Reinier Kleipool via Syslinux <syslinux at zytor.com> writes:
>> But when I want to use cmenu.c32 (with UI cmenu.c32 in the config
>> file), the loader downloads:
>>    * cmenu.c32
>>    * libmenu.c32
>>    * libcom32.c32
>>    * libutil.c32
>> Then syslinux reports: "unable to load cmenu.c32: symbol not found
>> luaL_checklstring".
>> This sysbol is defined in liblua.c32, that is present in the TFTP
>> directory. The TFTP log file however does not show any attempt to load
>> this library....
> cmenu.c32 is a Lua library, use it from a Lua script.  See
> simplemenu.lua in the Syslinux source tree for an example.

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