[syslinux] no display what can I try.

Jeff Sadowski jeff.sadowski at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 12:47:21 PST 2017

I have an odd issue.
I have one machine that does not display to the monitor when it goes
to a linux boot loader.
It has the issue with grub and pxelinux.

I see the bios but between bios and graphics driver I see a blank screen.

Any recommendations on how to fix it?

More to it. It is a newer nvidia card, That I need to drive a 4K
monitor at 60Hz . If I replace it with an old nvidia card I can see it
fine but it doesn't get me 4K at 60Hz.

In grub I tried setting the resolution to 1024x768 using


and ran "upgrade-grub"

But I still ended with a blank screen.

I really want pxelinux more than grub in hopes that some way I could
boot clonezilla via pxe boot.
Which I have working for the rest of my machines.

I have a second video card that has the same symptoms in that machine
but not in another.
So something about motherboard+video card+(maybe monitor) that causes
the issue. If someone has some suggestions of something to pass to
pxelinux via it's config that I could try out I'd much appreciate it.

my pxelinux config looks like so

default vesamenu.c32
#menu resolution 800 600
#prompt 1
#timeout 30

display boot.msg

label local
  menu label Boot from ^local drive
  menu default
  timeout 20
  kernel chain.c32
  append hd0
label memtest86
  menu label ^Memory test
  kernel memtest
  append -
label Clonezilla-live Stable 2017-02-20 x64
  menu label Clonezilla Live 2017-02-20 x64 (Stable)
  kernel cz170220.x64/live/vmlinuz
  append initrd=cz170220.x64/live/initrd.img boot=live union=overlay
username=user hostname=clonezilla config quiet components noswap
edd=on nomodeset nodmraid noeject locales=en_US.UTF-8
keyboard-layouts=NONE ocs_live_run="ocs-live-general"
ocs_live_extra_param="" ocs_live_batch=no vga=788
toram=filesystem.squashfs ip=dhcp net.ifnames=0  splash
i915.blacklist=yes radeonhd.blacklist=yes nouveau.blacklist=yes
vmwgfx.enable_fbdev=1 ocs_prerun="dhclient && mount -t nfs
loki:/ifs/it/sysadmin/clonezilla /home/partimag"

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