[syslinux] Boot into dos

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 22 13:44:02 PST 2017

> Do you have an example on how I use this?
> My goal is to boot into DOS so I have access to my dos apps
Have you at least attempted to read the wiki links I posted?

UBCD has many of such examples. The most generic label entry, using 
a/the FreeDOS-based (and NwDsk-based) FDUBCD superfloppy image would be 
similar to:

KERNEL path/to/memdisk
INITRD ubcd/images/fdubcd.img.gz

The above is just a generic example (using memdisk and DOS images). You 
could also take a look at UBCD ISO images. For more, please at least 
follow the links I posted in my prior email, where you would also find 
the second method I mentioned.

PS: When replying, please avoid top-posting. TIA.

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