[syslinux] KBDMAP and chainloading supported by syslinux.efi?

Klaus Knopper knoppix at knopper.net
Fri Feb 3 06:27:44 PST 2017

Hallo List,

Maybe someone on the list can answer these questions for everyone
concerning the more or less experimental syslinux.efi for UEFI boot:

Is the KBDMAP directive supported by syslinux.efi? In my tests with a
german keymap generated as documented in
only the BIOS version of syslinux loads and sets the correct keymap,
while the EFI version seems to silently ignore the
configuration keyword.

Does syslinux.efi support loading configuration files, modules and kernel from
a partition other than the EFI FAT32 partition it was loaded from?
(Background: On a ISO hybrid boot image, we would like to keep only
ONE copy of kernel and configurations files, but this is located on
the ISO9660 part of the image, not on the included EFI partition).

-Klaus Knopper

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