[syslinux] Extlinux & PXE Booting...

Luke Hassell lukeh at bigstarcreative.com
Fri Feb 10 10:33:11 PST 2017

Hi All,

I have a situation where a remote network of computers that normally PXE 
boot Linux has been powered off so long, the BIOS boot order is forgotten, 
reverting to the HD only.

With the machines PXE booted (manually) now thanks to a colleague, I have 
an opportunity to install Syslinux on the hard drive.  I would like to 
install it on a small active partition, sda1, so that it then PXE boots. 
This will allow the system to PXE boot, even if the BIOS is never 
configured to do so (or the CMOS battery is dead).

Is this possible? I've been looking at 6.03, built gpxe iso and hd images, 
but for the most part, extlinux just fails loading the gpxe.krn with an 
instant reboot.  I know I can put a kernel/initrd in sda1 to accomplish 
the same thing, but I'd really like to see if an old machine can be made 
to PXE boot with Syslinux, against its old crotchety will.

Thank you for your thoughts,

Luke Hassell

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