[syslinux] [tftp-hpa] [PATCH] support for named pipes

Phil Pokorny ppokorny at penguincomputing.com
Wed Jan 11 17:32:30 PST 2017

> Attached is a patch for the latest tftp-hpa.
> This patch add support for named pipes.
> Named pipes are 0 byte files which can be read by a PXE boot process.
> They provide the necessary informations for the boot process and are
> deleted afterwards.
> This PXE boot is a single event and won't interact until another named
> pipe is created for the client.

That's very interesting.

Would it be helpful to add code that writes the current client
information into the pipe before reading from it?  That way you could
write a persistent daemon that would read the pipe and respond with
custom content.

Client information in this case would be:

Source IP address
Destination IP address (in case the TFTP server is on a multi-homed host)
Source TID/UDP port
TFTP transfer mode (octect or netascii, or extension?)

It's too bad we can't tell from the TFTP request if it's a UEFI or
Legacy boot mode client.  Could send either Legacy pxelinux.0 or UEFI
syslinux through the same filename

Just a thought,

Philip Pokorny, RHCE
Chief Technology Officer

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