[syslinux] Problem entering BIOS - Chison Ultrasound system

Henry Kubwa kubwah at gmail.com
Sun Jan 22 00:03:36 PST 2017

Hallo sir/madam,

I have a Chinese brand Ultrasound unit Ivis 60 model which had issues with
booting after power fluctuations here in Congo -Africa.

It is using a syslinux 3.31 which is continually giving problem when trying
to enter BIOS so that I can install new files available on the usb disk. To
enter bios you have to continually press "delete button" when starting the
unit but no matter how many time I press "delete button" it just fails to
enter into the bios phase.

Kindy advise me on what to do to enter bios ( and if there's any upgrade to
be done on the syslinux 3.31). The syslinux was develop by h. peter anvin.
We need this unit to work so as to serve the patients in this part of

Details : chison ultrasound ivis 60
                 Syslinux 3.31
                 Serial Number    IE: 1111023

Thanks & regards


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