[syslinux] Can USBstikA boot USBstkB ?!

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 12 17:17:36 PDT 2017

> Yes this is the SAME question, that I can't get an answer from a month ago!
> I have the files, from a USBstik [now stolen] which I previously could
> edit at boot time, to boot any of my IDE or SATA partitions.
How exactly were you editing (something)? Do you mean that you somehow 
changed some boot command from the Syslinux boot prompt during boot? In 
that case, which command you (used to) type in? Or, instead, were you 
editing the content of some file prior to rebooting? Please clarify.

> Now, with a laptop, I want to boot the same IDE or SATA via a USB-adaptor
> to IDE/SATA. And also I want to boot a Toshiba 500GB USB disk.
You seem to be assuming that changing from a direct SATA and IDE 
connections to some USB adapter would have no impact on how the 
respective HDDs are recognized/detected by the BIOS. You seem to be 
assuming that the BIOS from 2 different PCs/Laptops would recognize all 
your devices in the same exact way and that there would be no changes 
in behavior or in supported features by the respective BIOS.

Generally speaking, these assumptions are not necessarily valid. There 
might be some particular case(s) in which, by coincidence, your whole 
hardware is "portable", but this is not a _generic_ situation. There 
might be some way to overcome potential differences, but we don't have 
any relevant information at this time in order to guide you in any way.

Please also have in mind that this is the Syslinux Mailing List, and 
there is some practical limit as to how much guidance users can receive 
here about "whatever boot problem in the world might exist". At this 
point, there is no detail/information that actually indicates that 
there is some issue related to Syslinux in your situation; explicit 
clear information would help.

Are you currently able to boot these OSes in any way?

When trying your USB boot stick, what exactly do you see? What's the 
behavior? What do you do and in which way it "fails"?

Is your current BIOS recognizing/detecting your disks in any way?

Can both, the USB boot stick and the USB-to-SATA adapter, be connected 
to your laptop at the same time?

Are there any additional disks connected in any way to this system, 
whether internally or externally, while you perform these attempts to 

When you connect your USB boot stick, can you get to the Syslinux boot 
prompt or the boot menu using it? (I mean, before actually launching 
any particular OS, or before chainloading any other boot sector.)

At this point, with the information you provided in your last email (I 
haven't re-read your prior emails), we cannot be sure you were actually 
using Syslinux in order to boot your OSes in your old (stolen) system 
in the way you described it.


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