[syslinux] generating hashed passwords for MENU PASSWD

Fourhundred Thecat 400thecat at gmx.ch
Wed May 17 04:30:51 PDT 2017


the wiki says, I can use hashed password for MENU PASSWD:

(actually the wiki says "encrypted" password, which I think is wrong and

SHA-2-256	(Signature: $5$)

It further says, that SHA-2 passwords are compatible with very recent
Linux distributions.
That is great, but *HOW* do I generate such hashed password? With salt,
or without ? Hex, or base64 ?

I guess I could find it if I google long enough, but why can't there be
an example ?

could somebody please provide a working openssl command, which I can use
to sha2566-hash my password ?

many thanks

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