[syslinux] SYLINUX uninstall (was: )

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Wed Nov 15 03:50:26 PST 2017

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> Hello there im just want to ask about how can remove that syslinux displaying on the monitor of my laptop,it went just accidentaly download a file from kali linux.org and after restarting then it keeps on displaying like,btw would you plss give a link or video regarding on fixing in that errors.thnakyou

Your rather large attached image stated:

SYSLINUX 4.07 EDD 2013-07-25 Copyright (C) 1994-2013 H. Peter Anvin et al

with what appears to be a blinking cursor on the next line.

You have installed the bootloader SYSLINUX (willingly or unwillingly).
There is no "uninstall".  It's a matter of fixing the MBR and
bootloader to use what you had before.  It's possible the install
app/script that called the SYSLINUX installer repartitioned your
laptop's hard drive, put a new partition at the end for booting Kali
Linux, set the MBR to boot the new partition.

It's quite possible the fix is merely changing the bootable flags in
the partition table.  If the previous OS was Windows, there are tools
on a Windows install CD to fix this with 1-2 commands.  I'd suggest
Googling "fix mbr Windows #" where "#" is your version number like
"fix mbr Windows 7".

Kali Linux's homepage should be https://www.kali.org/

Details like "what OS was installed before?" and "Does that SYSLINUX
bootloader successfully load anything (which might be relatively
silent for 1-3 minutes)?" would also have helped your journey.


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