[syslinux] core_udp_sendto: no mapping

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 28 08:58:00 PST 2017

> I am using top of git + gnu-efi 3.0.6 (https://github.com/joakim-tjernlund/syslinux/commits/master)
> But I have tried older versions too. Seems my Lenovo EFI is too "modern" for syslinux
> but I think Gene has an idea how to solve it.
> Jocke

Just FWIW, official upstream Syslinux git head (at the moment I am 
writing this email) does not consider the local/installed version of 
gnu-efi. For any/some/a/the version of gnu-efi to be considered when 
building Syslinux, the code has to be patched, either by:

A_ pointing to a different git repo/commit; or, 

B_ adding a custom patch in order to use a local/installed gnu-efi 
version (e.g. as Debian Sid is currently doing).

Please note that I am referring to upstream official Syslinux code as 
of 2017Nov27; I have not checked Joakim's github repo.


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