[syslinux] syslinux.cfg, default, labels

Ferenc Wágner wferi at niif.hu
Thu Sep 28 01:51:38 PDT 2017

gxhniip421zw--- via Syslinux <syslinux at zytor.com> writes:

> I have tried
>  default vmlinuz-4.12.13_1 root=.... rootflags=.... initrd=....
> but vmlinuz does not get executed.
> I was given a prompt ("boot:"). Despite that "prompt 0" and "timeout
> 0" are present in the cfg.

To exclude the possibility of some unfortunate filename mangling, try
with a kernel with a DOS-compatible 8.3 name (for example: vmlinuz).

> With using a label and, after the label, "linux" + the above command
> line, vmlinux does get executed fine.
> So, *is the use of labels mandatory?*...

Depending on file name, it may be.  Lacking explicit specification (like
LINUX in your case), file types are determined by extension, which may
give wrong results.  See doc/syslinux.txt for details.

> What is the absolute shortest syslinux.cfg when I want to just start
> immediately the vmlinuz? No menu, no prompt, no implicit command line,
> no keystroke watching, no autocompleting.

I use this one:

DEFAULT lua.c32 bootmenu.lua

> The 'ontimeout' is the same as 'default', or is there any difference?
> Only one of them can be present?

DEFAULT interacts with the menu system if both are present.

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