[syslinux] Patch: fix syslinux.efi (Re: Unable to get syslinux.efi to work, grub2 boots tho)

Lukas Schwaighofer lukas at schwaighofer.name
Sat Aug 18 07:46:19 PDT 2018

Hi Piotr,

I am the current maintainer of the syslinux Debian package and I've run
into what I believe to be the same issue: When trying to re-build the
package, syslinux.efi no longer works.

I've tracked the problem down to a change in binutils 2.31: The GNU
linker now writes two segments of type PT_LOAD into the program header.
However, this is not supported by the wrapper script that converts the
shared object to an .efi executable. As per comment in that file:

    (...) Although there may be several LOAD program headers, only one
    is currently copied.

A simple workaround I've found to work is to ask the linker to put
everything into one PT_LOAD program header.

@Piotr: I've attached a patch, would you mind verifying if that solves
your problem as well?

@syslinux people: Is there a better solution to fix this? Otherwise
please consider merging the patch. Thanks! :)

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