[syslinux] efi config hang

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 7 21:09:45 PST 2018

> If this is the best we can do, I'm ok with that.
It's _not_ the best we can do. The question is... what exactly is this 

After some testing (which I don't really want to keep doing myself, 
because the chances that something is actually going to improve are 
very close to zero... it is so disappointing / frustrating / 
discouraging) I can tell you at least that when booting in UEFI mode:

_ the 'F0' directive is broken

_ the 'F10' directive works from CLI (aka boot prompt) but seems to 
fail under (vesa)menu

_ the screen (under the default screen resolution of syslinux.efi + 
(vesa)menu.c32) is a mess and it cannot be completely clear / clean up; 
IOW, [CTRL]+[L] and 'MENU CLEAR' are partially (mostly) broken

_ the DEFAULT directive is partially broken

_ the basic functionality of showing DISPLAY files (in this case, the 
"help" files) is working; IOW the DISPLAY directive and the F1-F10 are 
basically working (with the above caveats, possibly more than those), 
both from CLI and from menu (no hang)

So, yes, something is indeed wrong, but when testing the basic 
functionality in a simplified UEFI setup, it "works". I don't want to 
be the one making up multiple tests in order to find out where exactly 
the problem is when using additional features (as the multiple cfg 
files in Debian use).

Let me know whether you are curious about this. If you are, I can send 
you a floppy image for you to test and repeat (replicate?) the test 
(results?). You can then report back here in the Syslinux Mailing List.


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