[syslinux] efi config hang

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 11 19:15:04 PST 2018

> >
> > You should be able to see the effects of the DISPLAY directive when
> > testing the floppy image I sent you, because it starts with the boot
> > prompt, not with a menu.
> I see the effects, both good and bad.  I'm having trouble knowing how
> bad the bad is.

How about comparing it with the current behaviour in BIOS mode?

> I'm not really worried about text displaying correctly (or at all) as
> long as it doesn't seem to be hung.
This suggestion was made in order to distinguish a potential "apparent 
hang" vs. "it really hang". It was not really about "text clarity".

> > BTW, Debian's prompt.cfg has one line INCLUDEing another cfg file,
> > 'exithelp.cfg'. Although I mentioned this "exithelp.cfg" file in my "15
> > steps" in a previous email, I did not mention that this 'exithelp.cfg'
> > file is incorrect, because I didn't want to add complexity to the
> > instructions (and considering that your intention was/is to send a
> > patch to Debian).
> Now might be a good time to fix this.  I have someones ear that will
> likely accept simple patches.
Good, because the current "exithelp.cfg" in boot.img:

label menu
	kernel vesamenu.c32
	config syslinux.cfg

is incorrect, and the corresponding file for Debian's ISO images:

label menu
	kernel vesamenu.c32
	config isolinux.cfg

is incorrect too.

Depending on what exactly Debian actually want(ed) to achieve with this 
"exithelp.cfg" file, either:

_ there is a need for some additional cfg file (and correct this one); 

_ at least one of the directives is misused; or

_ at least one of the directives should not be there.

Whichever the change, it would need thorough testing of all cases / 
scenarios before the next freeze / release.

> My current plan is to put together an hd-media/boot.img that one would
> expect to work based on the docs.
> I think I need to move all the legacy binaries into boot/syslinux
> leave the config files in /
> and have a boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg that links to /menu.cfg
> and see if legacy still works
> breaking legacy boot is a blocker.
Well, we basically already tested this concept, with the 15 steps I 
posted (and that you followed) in a prior email, plus the later 
amendment in order to workaround a known bug in the PATH directive.


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