[syslinux] syslinux PXE boot version upgrade, network no longer working

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 1 15:53:16 PST 2018

> Hardware with issue is a Lenovo T410 (circa 2007?):
> SysLinux PXE boot (pxelinux.0) version 2009 - PXE boot works, select
> Ghost from PXE menu, PC-DOS loads, Ghost.exe runs and networking is
> working for Ghostcast/peer to peer.
> SysLinux PXE boot (pxelinux.0) version 2014 - PXE boot works, select
> Ghost from PXE menu, PC-DOS loads, Ghost.exe runs and networking is
> NOT working for Ghostcast/peer to peer.
> The PC-DOS has a universal network driver (UNDI) 11.1 (boot disk made
> from Ghost 11.5 Book Disk Wizard).
> My "default" file configuration and .ima floppy disk image are
> identical in both environments:
> DEFAULT menu.c32
> LABEL Ghost
>  MENU LABEL ^Ghost
>  KERNEL memdisk
>  APPEND keeppxe floppy rw initrd=bootimages/ghost.ima
> My TFTP is identical in both environments:
> TFTPD64 v4.60 Build Jan 28 2017 18:55:26 (Service Edition)
> Only difference is the version of SysLinux (pxeconfig.0 and its
> corresponding files from 2009 version: menu.c32, memdisk and in the
> 2014 version add ldlinux.c32).  I have tried with and without
> "keeppxe" in the APPEND line.
> Interesting side note: Lenovo T420 works in both environments,
> networking loads (as do many other models)
> Ideas?
> thanks,
> David
I am guessing that "keeppxe" is needed.

Although versions "2009" and "2014" are not really "versions", "2014" is 
probably version 6.03, which is still/yet not supporting "keeppxe". This is a 
known problem.

BTW, for menu.c32 "2014" you should also need its corresponding libutil.c32 
(although, if your "default" file only has one entry, then menu.c32 is useless; 
i.e. the menu won't show up anyway).

You could try the binaries from Debian's "experimental" repo (replace _all_ of 
them, not just pxelinux.0). Feedback is appreciated.
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