[syslinux] Good news booting with isolinux

rslovers at yandex.com rslovers at yandex.com
Tue Feb 20 03:20:47 PST 2018

Today I finnally got the motivation to build a bootable cd,
I encountered a few ones before, I know they're all using
isolinux, but they always use initrd and
the root filesystem is stored in a disk image file.

I wondered if it's really neccessary to do that, according to
the mkisofs manpage all the essential features like uid, gid,
permission, symbolic/hard links are supported using the Rock
Riedge extension, so I thought it's worth a try to directly
mount the cdrom as root device by passing root=/dev/sr0 to the
kernel command line.

I tried this and it worked really well, sending out this good
news and my appreciation to the syslinux developers!

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