[syslinux] Structure of VBR in FAT32?

Avi Deitcher avi at deitcher.net
Sat Jan 6 09:38:55 PST 2018

> A simple test would suffice: execute the official installer and compare
> the "new" ldlinux.sys file (that the installer just put there) with the
> original one included in the official archive. This simple test could
> be performed on an empty, FAT12-formatted 1440KiB floppy image.

Will do. Makes sense. It will show the difference, although not how it

> People interested in boot code and low-level languages should take a
> look at Daniel Sedory's The Starman's Realm - I know, I know... I
> already mentioned it.

I wish I had asked you and you had mentioned it months ago. That is a
fantastic blog! Not only is it clear, but he shows hex structures and
assembly, and colour-codes things to make it understandable.

> Perhaps Gene might suggest others.

He did. It is much appreciated.

> This is the reason I also suggested taking a look at the "ms-sys"
> source code. It's not "perfect", but it might help.

I have been a bit nervous about doing so. Especially since all of this work
is "on the side" OSS, and not part of work (I spend my days consulting on
cloud product strategy and operations, devops transformations, etc. - but
the engineer in me always is the engineer in me), afraid to go down that
rabbit hole!

Deeply appreciative again, Ady.

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