[syslinux] Structure of VBR in FAT32?

Avi Deitcher avi at deitcher.net
Sat Jan 6 15:15:53 PST 2018

> > I have been looking at trying to leverage the installation without the
> > installer. How did you know? :-)
> There's only 2 reasons to know this depth of information.  1) Coding.
> 2) Install outside the installer.

Well, there is always the third, which is most likely for me: insanely
curious and just *have* to know how it works. But in this case, Gene is
correct. :-)

> Why do you want to install the VBR and ldlinux.sys without the
> syslinux/extlinux installer?

I might need to install in an environment where I don't have syslinux
available. Most of the time, at the very least, I can "docker run -v
myimg.img:/data/foo.img ..." and run syslinux against that volume-mounted
image, even if I am not running on a normal standard linux distro, but
there have been cases where I need to manipulate the bits directly. Not
many, but some.

> TL;DR: Your work might only install a certain version.  Without the
> history, you might fail other versions.

Got it.

Not sure which path I will take it, but at the very least, very
interesting. Much appreciated.

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